Black Tower Premium Hotel is a well thought out hotel. That is why all our event rooms have natural light, generating an environment of greater productivity. We organize social events for up to 100 people and corporate events for up to 120 people. The audio-visual aids are state-of-the-art, and therefore you will not have to incur additional costs. We have integrated Bose sound that maximizes your audio experience. We also have personalized advice service. Highly qualified team that guarantees the smallest detail. Sustainable solutions with the environment to make your event eco sustainable and personalized food and beverage menus.

Through the magical realism of Colombia we highlight our spaces. We have rooms for corporate and social events. The halls have automation and customization of lighting, as well as the most immersive sound, quote your event with us: 

Business events - Jose Herrera: + 57 324 4961350

Business events - Olga Maldonado: + 57 324 4482694

Social events - Adriana Gómez: +57 318 8365751